Centaurus GrUPA

Centaurus was founded in 2002, and since then we have been building our success on effort, will and perseverance. We are proud to have grown out of nothing, and today we are on solid foundations. At the beginning of the work we had one employee, two chests and one vehicle.

Today we proudly count, over a hundred employees and twenty-five vehicles. In Dalmatia, we are synonymous with a high standard in the business of fish and seafood. We supply more than a thousand partners from the HoReCa sector with daily delivery of products throughout Croatia. We export fresh fish to most countries in the region.


110+ employees / 25 vehicles 10 own fish markets

Gastro ribarnice Brač is a concept of boutique fish markets that offer a rich offer of fresh fish every day, and a large selection of frozen, dried, smoked, salted and marinated fishery products, including many delicacies. The fish is bought directly from local fishermen along the entire Adriatic coast. The first branch was opened in 2010, and to date there are ten fish markets in the region: four in Split, Solin, Podstrana, Omis, Kastel Gomilica, Brela and Vienna. The offer also includes the Gastro assortment - preparation of ready meals based on quality ingredients and their preparation, according to the daily catch in an interesting and innovative way. We place salted, marinated and smoked fishery products on the market through the brand Amare which has become synonymous with quality .

From the rich range of seafood and fish products, we single out our newly developed brand Amare, which combines the production of hand-cleaned meat of Adriatic shrimp, which is synonymous with quality, and marinated shrimp, marinated anchovies and salted anchovies.

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The basic goal is, in all activities, at all times, to recognize the needs of customers and by raising their own quality, contribute to better business of our partners: fishermen, suppliers and domestic and foreign buyers.



Our mission includes the placement of products of the Croatian fishing industry on the European market and, in cooperation with foreign partners, the adoption of the most modern trends in the fishing industry on the Croatian market. With these steps, we plan to contribute to raising the quality of the entire Croatian gastronomic offer.



With our own production and catches of Croatian fishermen, we want to raise the value, and by placing them on the market in the tourism sector and within the European Union, to contribute to the recognition of genuinely good Croatian products.



Raising awareness about healthy eating and breaking the myth that it is the same privilege, not an opportunity for all walks of life. The importance of consuming fish and the positive effect on the human body is unquestionable. Introducing more fish and seafood into the diet contributes to the health of each individual and thus the community. By making fish easily available to consumers, we contribute to this goal.


The headquarters of Centaurus d.o.o. is located in Solin, Zoranićeva 71.

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