lat. Lophius piscatorius


It has a brown body with no scales. Fringed appendages in combination with unique patterns help the fish to camouflage in the muddy bottom where it lives. Along the head it has long filaments whose role is to lure other, smaller fish. A fun fact about angler is that sometimes it’s able to catch even a seagull! It’s an excellent hunter that lives at the depth of up to 1000 m. It grows up to 2 m in length and can go up to 60 kg (the biggest reported specimen had 58 kg). It’s poor in bones and its meat is very tasty hence it’s suitable for the nutrition of children. It can be prepared in many ways – fried, in a fish stew and breaded that is considered a true delicacy. It can also be the main ingredient of the soup.
Nutrition value

Angler is white fish, hence we’re faced with slim, tasty fish that’s poor in fat but rich in high nutritional proteins. 100 g of angler will give you only 85 calories and 2 g of fat thus it is an ideal diet food as much as it’s ideal for balanced and healthy eating. Due to high percentage of quality proteins it’s an important source of many essential aminoacids. Besides, it’s rich in vitamins (mostly B complex such as B1, B3, B9 and folic acid) and minerals (iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium).


for Angler

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