lat. Ostrea edulis


European flat oyster (lat.Ostrea edulis) is a species of oyster that belongs to the family of Ostreidae. The muscle is placed inside of two assymetric valves. The left one is concave and fixed to the substratum whereas the right one is flat and connected to the left one by a strong band. It’s oblong and has a shape of a heart with serrated edges of the shell whose color varies from stone grey to white- grey. It can grow up to 13 cm in length. It can live only if fixed to the hard, rocky surface and in rare clusters. It feeds on plankton. Its biggest enemies are starfish, spiny dye-murex, other crabs and fishes -especially gilt head bream.

European flat oyster that is farmed in Croatia is almost entirely vanished from Europe. It can be found in Mediterrannean, east Atlantic and the Black sea. Larger Croatian farms are Limski passage, Mali ston, Pirovac and Pula bay as well as cove Kimono. Wild oysters are found there as well. Suitable locations for oysters are all bays and passages of Istria, Cres cove, Klimno on the island of Krk, Novigrad sea, Pašman passage, Šibenik bay, small coves around Split and Mljet lakes.

Oysters are considered delicacy from the ancient Rome. Its muscle is extremely nutritious as it is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins (A,B1 , B2,C and D). Taste is the best in the winter time and usually it’s served raw with a few drops of lemon juice. However, it can be prepared in different ways as well, for example fried or poached.

Energy and nutritional value

Energy value of 100g of fresh oysters is 68 kcal/285 kj of what 4% is carbohydrates, 2.5% is fat and 7% proteins.

Minerals contained in oysters: potassium (243.53 mg), phosphorus (158.82 mg), magnesium (57.65 mg), selenium (66.47 μg ), calcium (62.36 mg), iron (6.96 mg) zinc (87.13 mg), copper (4.30 mg), manganese (0.49 mg).

Vitamins contained in oysters: B complex vitamins, thiamine (0.15 mg), roboflavin (0.20 mg), niacine (1.65 mg), panthotenonic acid (0.27 mg), vitamin B6 (0.064 mg), vitamin B9 (30, 59 μg), vitamin B 12 (15.64 μg), vitamin C (3,76 mg), vitamin A (89.41 μg).

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