Gild head bream

lat. Sparus aurata

Gild head beam

Gild head bream is one of the most noble types of Adriatic white fish. Its beauty is in its power, robustness, strong jaws and full lips. Its gracefull movements were praised from the time of ancient Greeks and precisely an attractive look is to be credited for its nickname Queen of the sea. The fish was named after the characteristic gold bar.

It inhabits the Mediterrannean area. It’s very sensitive to the sea temperature. Within the Adriatic it can be found in the coastal areas in the depths of 5 – 10 m during the summertime and up to 50 m during the winter. Besides the Adriatic it inhabits the Mediterrannean and east Atlantic. Gilt head bream is a hermaphroditic fish which means that it changes sex- for the first part of its life it is male and after the first spawn (at the weight of aproximately 0.50 kg) it becomes female and stays like that for the rest of its life.

It is known under 30 names, give or take, of whom the most common ones are: ”komarča”, ”podlanica”, ”dinigla”, ”lovrata”, ”ovrata”, ”zlatva”, ”sekulica”, ”štrigavica”.

Energy and nutritional value

Energy value of 100g of fresh gild head bream  is  96 kcal/402 kj of what 0 % are carbohydrates,   3% fat and 18% proteins.

Minerals contained in fresh gild head bream  : potassium (461 mg), phosphorus  (248 mg), magnesium (31 mg), selenium ( 7 μg), calcium ( 7.5 mg), iron (0.46 mg), zinc (0.42 mg).

Vitamins contained in fresh gild head bream  : B complex vitamins, thiamine ( 0.1 mg), riboflavin (0.07 mg), panthotenic acid (0.25 mg), vitamins B6 (0.44 mg) and B 12 ( 2.9 μg), vitamin A (4.5 μg).

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