Red scorpionfish

lat. Scorpaena scrofa

Red scorpionfish

Red scorpionfish ( Scorpaena scrofa) belongs to the family Scorpaenidae. Along the Croatian coast is known under the names ”škrpina”, ”logrnja”, ”skrpina”…

It has a large body and head with large jaws. The head is disproportionate to the body and covered with fringes, knots, thorns and spines which is why it is often discussed among the gourmans. Its colouration ranges from brick red to red with brownish blotches on the body. Its skin pigment changes patterns according to the environment it inabits. Hence red scrorpionfish are to be found in various shades upon being caught.

Local fishermen know red scorpinfish for its poisonous spines. The poison is stored on the dorsal fin and gill covers and it is decomposed during cooking and grilling. This fish ranks second in toxicity, right after the greater weever . It weights maximum 6 kg and it takes the length up to 66 cm. It inhabits all types of bottoms ,but it prefers rocky and sandy bottoms up at depth of up to 100 m. However, it can go all the way up to 400m in depth. During the autum and spring season it can be found closer to the coast while the rest of the year it inhabits deep waters. If feeds on crabs, molluscs and other fish. It’s mostly attached to the sea bottom to which it adjusts its body color. It spawns at the end of the spring season. Except in the Adriatic it can be found in the Mediterreannean, Adriatic and the Atlantic.

Energy and nutritional value Energy value of 100g of fresh red scorpionfish is 91 kcal/381 kj of what 0 % are carbohydrates, 1% fat and 19.4% proteins.

Minerals contained in red scorpion fish: in low percentage calcium (27 mg what makes 3,4% of RDA), iron (0.9 mg what makes 6.4 % of RDA), magnesium ( 31 mg what makes 8.3 % of RDA), phosphorus (162 mg what makes 23% of RDA), zinc (0.5 mg what makes 5 % of RDA) and selenium (36.5 mg what makes 66% of RDA).

Vitamins contained in red scorpion fish: thiamine (0.07 mg what makes 6% of RDA), vitamin B6 (0.3 mg what makes 21% of RDA), panthothenic acid (0.75 mg what makes 12.5 % of RDA) and vitamin A (435 mcg what makes 5% of RDA).

There is also a small percentage of omega 3 fatty acids, 0.027g of EPA, 0.01 g of DPA and 0.22 g of DHA present in it.

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